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About US :

Nikan Asa Persian is recognized as one of the leading companies in the Health, Medical and Sport industry in Iran. With over 10 years of experience, it has built a strong reputation on importing products covering luxury massage chair, car massage cushion and a series of fitness equipment from all over the Asia. Nikan Asa Persian Company has been authorized by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education since 2006 with the exclusive license of Best Rest products in Iran and has provided the possibility of the presence of professional chair massages in the Iranian market.
This steamed company, which works under direction of Mr.Omid Atashzereh with more than 16 sales agent cross the country, imports its extensive collection globally from leading manufacturers such as Rongtai, Sofo, Comtek, etc., to meet high standards. All products are certified by international certifications.
1-  2003: ISO13485
2-  2008: ISO9001
3-  UKAS
5-  FDA
As a responsible enterprise with a sense of mission, the company is always seeking its long term harmonious development with the society in order to provide products with innovative technology and help people achieve a better, healthier, more quality of life. According to both market requirements and clients' requests, lately the management department has decided to pay more emphasis on importing health equipment, which has wide range of enthusiasm in current Iran society.
Nikan Asa Persian’s mission is to be customers’ preferred supplier for medical and fitness equipment, fulfilling all of their needs by way of supplying quality products with a first class products and service supported by a professional team.